For those who are looking for weekly journal prompts, tips or questions about journaling, or have a curiosity about what others are journaling about, try going to /r/Journaling. It is a subreddit that recently developed to gather a large audience interested in all things related to writing in journals.

I stumbled upon this subreddit when searching for ideas on how to format my pages. Thanks to the number of users there, I have some ideas of what new journal I should get when I complete my current one.

First Journal Complete!

Hooray! I completed my first journal!

Over the years, I have written in many journals. Each time, I had grand plans of what kind of things I would fill the pages with. Despite my ambition, I stopped writing after about three entries. Sometimes I stopped because I did not feel like it was worth my time to keep writing about past experiences. Other times, I simply forgot because the journal was out of sight. Eventually, I tossed out most of my childhood journals and kept only a few that had special content inside.

Nearly a year and a half ago, my life became a lot more complex and turbulent. I needed an outlet – one that did not damage my body. To satisfy that need, I rushed to Barnes & Noble and bought this journal and pen.


Every time I sat down to record my thoughts, I could fill almost three pages. This was amazing for me because I used to struggle with finding enough thoughts to fill just one page. As the words flowed onto the paper, my mind became less jumbled. Eventually, my writing became more sporadic, but the entries were more reflecting rather than pure ranting.

With its purpose fulfilled, I carefully stored it away. One day, I will the courage to look back and view my thoughts with older and wiser eyes.

Writing Style Changes

Everyone notices at some point how much their writing style has changed. For some, the change is gradual because of accumulated experience. For others, the change is abrupt because they want to emulate a particular tone. There are probably thousands of reasons why one person’s writing can change. Sadly, I do not have the clairvoyance to list every reason. I do have the records of my early journal entries. Here are some personal writing style changes that I have noticed: Continue reading Writing Style Changes