New word: droitwich

You learn something new everything day.

Browsing Reddit today lead me to this funny gif. After getting a nice chuckle, I looked through the comments and learned a new word, droitwich.

Now if I can just remember to this word whenever I see or perform that hilarious side shuffle in the hallway.



Learning about Food Apathy

Have you ever felt hungry, but have absolutely no idea what to eat? This happened every day this week for me. With no food cravings, I would wander around the food court at a mall, drive by every fast food store I know, and open cabinets at random at home. Continue reading Learning about Food Apathy

Listening to Audio Books

I never thought I would like listening to an audio book. My fellow classmates and I have used them before in English class where we would sit around a boombox and hold the book that the narrator is reading from. I always felt frustrated with the process because I was forced to keep pace instead of reading at my usual, faster pace. Continue reading Listening to Audio Books

Touch the Fireworks

Touch the Fireworks

Ah, the wonders of YouTube. You start one particular video and slowly find yourself in something completely unrelated, but still just as enjoyable. This is what happened to me last week when I realized I had gone from watching a math video to a lyric video of Touch the Sky by Julie Fowlis and used in the Disney movie, BraveContinue reading Touch the Fireworks