Screen Protectors

I am writing this post on an old HP 7 Plus tablet that I unearthed a few days ago. This device fell into disuse because I had immense difficulty writing anything on it. Most of the time, it would not register my finger movements. When it did recognize a keystroke, the tablet would write a different letter or it swiped in the opposite direction. A tablet pen did not improve the experience either.

This was when I did not have a smartphone, so I tried really hard to find a role that the tablet could properly fill. Alas, the tablet was eventually delegated to playing music while I slept. There was nothing else I could do without getting irritated with the glitchy touchscreen.

When I moved to a new home, the tablet was packed away and did not see the light of the day until I remembered an experience my mother had with touchscreens. She is notoriously bad with technology. Eventually, she got a smartphone because our cell carrier did not have a “dumb” phone to select at her 2 year upgrade. My mother struggled with learning not only how to navigate through countless apps, but to also use a touchscreen.

We got her a standard plastic screen protector and didn’t think it would affect her ability to use the touchscreen. One day, my mother complained the protector was falling off and she wanted to replace it. At the cell phone store, she saw a glass screen protector on sale and decided to get that. Lo and behold! She was able to use the touchscreen with little problem now.

Upon pulling out this tablet during a bi-monthly cleaning spree and remembering this story and I wondered if I was having a similar experience. Logging into WordPress after three tries, I could feel my past irritation returning. I quickly pried off the screen protector and started writing this post. So far the keyboard has become more accurate. My hands do ache a little bit since I had type very slowly – with 1 finger. If I typed at the speed I use on my smartphone, the tablet would only register 1 out 6 keystrokes. Swiping to move up or down is still problematic, which made it hard to correct misspelled words in a previous paragraph. Sometimes the cursor jumps to a different spot when I am in the middle of typing a word.

Overall, the tablet performs better without the screen protector that came with the package. It does not work well enough that I could use it more often. I am thinking of getting an attachable keyboard and see if that would make it easier to use. If it does, then I don’t need to wait until I reach home to type a post. I should mention that I don’t like to type stuff using my smartphone due to the tiny keyboard.

If I cannot work with this tablet, then my next step is to either get a new tablet or follow my current process of writing ideas on paper and type it on the computer at home. To whomever managed to get through this rushed post, do you think it is better or worse to use a tablet for writing?


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