Tongue Twisters

I have found myself in an odd state of knowing how to spell words, but being unable to pronounce them correctly. The words I do know, though, I can enunciate pretty well.  Continue reading Tongue Twisters


New Profile Image

Hooray! I managed to create a picture that matches my imagination.


I love Totoro and have always imagined him holding a variety of items in place of his umbrella. Since I really like lotus flowers, I decided to try drawing him holding one.  Continue reading New Profile Image

Learning How to Sharpen Knives

I grew up in a household where we use very cheap kitchen knives. The main reason was because they were light. With the exception of my father, everyone else in our family has spider-like arms and hands. Often times, we would spend extra money to buy a product that is lighter, but in the case of knives, we went the cheaper route. My family only has one “high-quality” knife, but it is rarely used because every piece of it is large, thick and heavy.  Continue reading Learning How to Sharpen Knives