To you who discovered this place,

Read the directions
and directly you will be
directed in the right direction.
– Lewis Carroll
  1. Have no fear. Nothing intentionally malicious resides here. If the content is not to your liking, you are free to leave.
  2. Explore. There are multiple posts about what I think about, mainly about things I read and personal experiences that I hope people will learn something from them.
  3. Do one or more of the following:
    1. Comment. If you have read the same piece that is the topic of the post, feel free to provide some feedback on whether or not you agree with my thoughts. Please be polite no matter what stance you choose.
    2. Explore outside. If you have not read the piece that I am analyzing, then consider reading it yourself. Warning: You may develop a new interest if you follow this step.
    3. Recommend. If you found my thoughts interesting, perhaps you can suggest something I can do and then write about. You may get my interest piqued and then I will develop a new interest.
    4. Do nothing. I failed to keep your interest or I said something that offended you or etc. etc. Please consider leaving a constructive comment about what I can do in the future to make more interesting posts.

The only purpose I have here is to share my thoughts and experiences. While I do not mind posting comments on articles and books, there are simply too many websites for me to remember where I last voiced my opinion. Whenever I encounter something that sounds vaguely familiar, I am clueless as to where or what source I first learned it.

Therefore, my solution was to build this place to hopefully keep an online record of what I have read, what I have done and to have one place where I can share my idiosyncratic thoughts.