Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles

I learned about sudoku puzzles when I was in middle school and got addicted. For those who do not know what they are, please go to this link for an explanation. I would try to describe it myself, but these is a good chance you and I will both get confused. Therefore, please go to the previously mentioned link, where someone has already comprehensively explained this activity – including a step-by-step example.  Continue reading Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles

Nightly Chia Drink

Last month, I discovered my local market sells chia drinks. Curious, I bought one and started to drink it as soon as I got outside. Yummy! It was both refreshing and nostalgic. A few years back, my mother soaked the seeds in water and had me drink it every night in an effort to boost my energy. At that time, I had some really tough classes and was getting very little sleep. Looking around online, turns out chia drinks have been rising in popularity. This got me curious to find out why. Continue reading Nightly Chia Drink