Project 365

I recently learned about Project 365 and it sounded pretty fun. You take a picture every day and the object is something significant that happened that day. Kind of like daily journaling. Out of curiosity, I’m going to try it. I’m also curious about the Portfolio feature that WordPress provides, so this is as good a chance as any to try it out.


Just noticed that the arrows on my keyboard are starting to fade from frequent use.


Don’t know if a screen capture counts as a picture of the day, but I feel this summarizes my Friday quite well. Something I want, but is too far away~


I wish I had more time to play with my camera settings for this fire pit. This picture was taking at night, so you can’t see the actual color of the glass shards in the bowl. In the center near the fire, you can kind of see the blue color. In the day, it looks … Continue reading 10/14/2017


I drank so much tea today in an effort to stay awake. It doesn’t feel like the caffeine helped much, but going to the restroom frequently definitely woke me up.


Taking pictures of animals is tough! I’m pretty sure she knows I am taking a picture and moves exactly at the moment I press the camera button.


I have been so busy that there is little time to actually sit down and write in my journal since the end of August. Lately, I have been typing my thoughts in a document whenever I have a few minutes of free time. Really need to change my schedule so I can get back to … Continue reading 10/18/2017


The highlight of my day was watching The Secret Saturdays show.


Yay! After about 10 minutes of twisting the cube piece and myself to get the angle right, I managed to take a picture of a object with its shadow.