Touch the Fireworks

Touch the Fireworks

Ah, the wonders of YouTube. You start one particular video and slowly find yourself in something completely unrelated, but still just as enjoyable. This is what happened to me last week when I realized I had gone from watching a math video to a lyric video of Touch the Sky by Julie Fowlis and used in the Disney movie, Brave.

This week was the Fourth of July and I enjoyed lighting some small fireworks with the family. We also drove around and tried to peek in on some of the firework shows happening throughout the county. Since we were so far away from the site, we couldn’t hear the music that accompanies the light show. As we slowly drove through the city, my mind switch between playing patriotic songs and Touch the Sky.

Even if I could reach the fireworks, it would be way to hot to touch them. So, today I grabbed a pen (couldn’t find a colored one) and tried to sketch out my favorite, Chrysanthemum Fireworks.  Prior to writing this post, I actually didn’t know the types of fireworks and it took a while to find a site that provides short animations to show what each looked like. Still-shots weren’t helping me figure out the firework that I love to see.

Despite the lack of color, I got to satisfy my desire to touch the fireworks.

Drawing: Stars and Moon Collide

The past few weeks have been quite a learning experience about how the mind can affect the body. My mood plummeted the furthest it has every gone. To whomever stumbles upon this post, before continuing on, please be warned that this post is a personal story about my depression and my efforts to bring myself out of the recent slump. Continue reading Drawing: Stars and Moon Collide

Drawing: Perfect Illusion

I heard Lady Gaga’s song, “Perfect Illusion,” on YouTube about a week after it was released. Her performance at The Moth was one of the recommended videos on my home page. When she was singing, I could not understand a single word – none whatsoever. I was unable to tell if it was because she was slurring her words or the recording device was bad. The audience seemed to enjoy it, so I figured it was the device. Curiosity piqued, I followed my usual routine of looking for a lyric video. Continue reading Drawing: Perfect Illusion

Blending colors

I am writing this as a reminder to myself.

Anything can be created with even the most basic tools.

I have gotten back into the habit of doodling in the paper margins. This has slowly ignited my desire to draw with color. The only problem was I did not have any colored pencils. My last pack disappeared somewhere and I could not find it. Purchasing another pack was no trouble, but this brought me to an interesting question. Should I stick with Crayola or get a more professional set?

My pack of 12 Crayola colored pencils carried me through school and rarely did I ever think, “Gee, I really wish I had gotten the 24 pack.” If I needed a really special color, I would often borrow it from the lucky girl who owned the big art box.

I am not really a beginner, but I cannot be considered a professional. Drawing is a casual hobby that I always believed I could develop since I completed a bunch of beginner classes years ago. Right now, I need to work on my shading and blending technique.

A little bit of research on art supply brands and I concluded that looking at other’s opinions was not going to help me. Instead, I looked for reviews that explicitly compared brands based on vibrant colors and how well the pencils blended. After a good two weeks of reading reviews and checking prices at all the art stores, I settled on purchasing the Primsacolor Premier Verithin 24 Pencil Set. It was expensive compared to the $2.97 Crayola 24 pack at Walmart, but Primsacolor review’s were mostly consistent on how well the pencils blended.

The day I was going to Michael’s, I decided to look one more time for any good Crayola techniques. Lo and behold, I found this Crayola Color Pencil Tutorial on DeviantArt. The person went step by step on how they used these pencils, not known for easy blending, to create a picture with realistic shading and highlights. Motivated that I can still practice drawing techniques with cheaper tools, I purchased the Crayola pencils.

One day, I will be confident enough in my abilities to not feel like higher quality tools are wasted on me.