Springing Back Up

The past two weeks has been tough – the “rushing to the restroom” kind of tough. Fortunately, it did not turn into diarrhea, but I remained vigilant in making sure I was¬†drinking enough water. I do not know what specifically caused this digestive turmoil, but I spent a lot of time thinking, “What in the world did I eat?” every time I sat on the toilet with my arms wrapped around me in agony. Continue reading Springing Back Up

Sweet Almond Oil

I love doing a variety of physical activities. Unfortunately, some of them are hindered by the fact that I have weak body. Once I go over the half hour mark, I start to pay attention to my joints and muscles. As soon as I feel that tell-tale ache, I stop and wind down. Continuing on at this point would just make my body feel worse the next day. Continue reading Sweet Almond Oil

Alternative Medicine: Ginseng

To the skeptics, please do not write it off as some sort of hippy, all in the mind stuff – it can help if you give it time. To the die-hard advocates, please pay attention to how your body responds to whatever you ingest – each person is unique and requires a unique solution. To the confused, I am talking about alternative medicine. Continue reading Alternative Medicine: Ginseng

Sleep: Desired vs. Actual vs. Recommended

There are numerous articles about how much sleep we should get, the right temperature, what is the optimal time to go to bed, and so on. Personally, I like the idea of segmented/bimodal sleep. This consists of two slumbers. One in the early evening and the other in the early morning. In between the two periods of rest, a person can do whatever they want. Continue reading Sleep: Desired vs. Actual vs. Recommended

Nightly Chia Drink

Last month, I discovered my local market sells chia drinks. Curious, I bought one and started to drink it as soon as I got outside. Yummy! It was both refreshing and nostalgic. A few years back, my mother soaked the seeds in water and had me drink it every night in an effort to boost my energy. At that time, I had some really tough classes and was getting very little sleep. Looking around online, turns out chia drinks have been rising in popularity. This got me curious to find out why. Continue reading Nightly Chia Drink