Trying Yerba Mate Tea

With the relatively recent purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon and subsequent announcements in price cuts, I decided to stop by and see if I would be adding Whole Foods to my regular shopping route.  Continue reading Trying Yerba Mate Tea


Springing Back Up

The past two weeks has been tough – the “rushing to the restroom” kind of tough. Fortunately, it did not turn into diarrhea, but I remained vigilant in making sure I was drinking enough water. I do not know what specifically caused this digestive turmoil, but I spent a lot of time thinking, “What in the world did I eat?” every time I sat on the toilet with my arms wrapped around me in agony. Continue reading Springing Back Up

Sweet Almond Oil

I love doing a variety of physical activities. Unfortunately, some of them are hindered by the fact that I have weak body. Once I go over the half hour mark, I start to pay attention to my joints and muscles. As soon as I feel that tell-tale ache, I stop and wind down. Continuing on at this point would just make my body feel worse the next day. Continue reading Sweet Almond Oil

Alternative Medicine: Ginseng

To the skeptics, please do not write it off as some sort of hippy, all in the mind stuff – it can help if you give it time. To the die-hard advocates, please pay attention to how your body responds to whatever you ingest – each person is unique and requires a unique solution. To the confused, I am talking about alternative medicine. Continue reading Alternative Medicine: Ginseng