Third Journal Complete!

Completed my third journal this week. This journal was polished off in four months! I am amazed at how quickly I got through it. Granted, it’s only my third journal so there’s a chance I may finish faster in the future. 

This time I used the Celestial Journal by Peter Pauper Press. I tend to write on the small side, so the line spacing in this journal forced me to write with larger letters. By making sure the letters reached the top and bottom of the lines, I could lean back and still be able to recognize that someone is writing in it and not just make a page-full of wiggly lines.

Third Journal

Another thing I liked about this journal was the fact that it laid flat. I struggled using my previous two because the book kept wanting to close on itself. Writing in the Celestial journal was so pleasing that I decided to get another Peter Pauper Press book- four times.

I try to support local brick-and-mortar bookshops because I enjoy the experience of flipping through the pages of potential books that can be purchased. I got this Celestial Journal at Barnes & Noble and was planning to go back to get it. Unfortunately, I got side-tracked by all the other stuff lining the shelves and ended up leaving the store holding another novel.

Fast forward to today and I was itching to write out the events that have been happening recently. Right now I am recording everything in a Word document and the feeling is just not the same. On the spur of the moment, I checked to see if they sold any of the Peter Pauper Press journals. Wow! There were so many different designs and many of them were on sale.

I pressed the ‘cart’ button on my favorite four designs and eagerly await the day I can open each one and write down the experiences of my idiosyncratic life.



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