Another class doodle

Here’s another picture from doodling to stay awake in class.


Instead of stacking geometric shapes, I decided to try drawing what I see. The scale isn’t quite right, so I definitely need to work at that. Also, sorry Professor, didn’t mean to make you have a mullet. At least the frequent glancing between the front of the room and the paper made me appear to be attentive.


Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles

I learned about sudoku puzzles when I was in middle school and got addicted. For those who do not know what they are, please go to this link for an explanation. I would try to describe it myself, but these is a good chance you and I will both get confused. Therefore, please go to the previously mentioned link, where someone has already comprehensively explained this activity – including a step-by-step example.  Continue reading Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles

Aspie Quiz

I am not completely sure how I stumbled upon the Aspie Quiz, but I did and decided to go through it. The experience was a bit bizarre since I could easily tell which answer would result in a “neurotypical” or “neurodiverse” diagnosis. Therefore, I had to spend a few minutes on each question to make sure I was as honest as possible. To you who stumbled upon this, continue on if you are curious enough to see what I am classified as.
Continue reading Aspie Quiz