Road obstacles

It is the middle of summer and everyone is itching to go on vacation. When you are out on the road, please be mindful of objects that may appear in your path.

Just at the start of the summer here, an accident occurred on the highway. Luckily, no one was severely injured, but both cars were going to be in the shop for a while. Everyone was skirting around some of the debris that had traveled outside of the sectioned off area. The cleanup crew somehow missed one of the pieces. It looked like a metal frame of something small, so it is possible they couldn’t see it compared to the larger debris. The next day, fellow commuters and I got to test our swerving skills. Fortunately all of us passed it without incident. The piece did not have any noticeable sharp edges, so it probably wouldn’t create a popped tire, but would leave a good dent on the car body.

About two weeks later, I was driving in the same lane and noticed a white outline on the ground – the kind you see tracing the outline of a corpse. Turns out, the metal piece I had avoided earlier had flattened down into the highway.  My best guess is that multiple someones ran over it.

With the numerous cars, bikes and pedestrians, driving is already tough enough. I don’t mean to add more work, but please also be on alert for small obstacles on the road. Enjoy your summer trip.


Nightcore Music

This past week has been filled with work, work, and more work. There was a lot of banging my mental mind against all the problems that keep appearing. To pass the time and keep my brain gears moving, I listened to a lot of nightcore songs.

I started with a nightcore of Something Just Like This and left the YouTube Autoplay on. To my delight, I got to listen to the remixes of many people and I discovered nightcore channels that produced some unique beats. Some people are so creative, it’s amazing!


For those who are looking for weekly journal prompts, tips or questions about journaling, or have a curiosity about what others are journaling about, try going to /r/Journaling. It is a subreddit that recently developed to gather a large audience interested in all things related to writing in journals.

I stumbled upon this subreddit when searching for ideas on how to format my pages. Thanks to the number of users there, I have some ideas of what new journal I should get when I complete my current one.