Writing Style Changes

Everyone notices at some point how much their writing style has changed. For some, the change is gradual because of accumulated experience. For others, the change is abrupt because they want to emulate a particular tone. There are probably thousands of reasons why one person’s writing can change. Sadly, I do not have the clairvoyance to list every reason. I do have the records of my early journal entries. Here are some personal writing style changes that I have noticed:

Note: This list identifies changes that have occurred in the past year. If I compared my current writing to the journals I had when I was 7, then obviously all the changes could be attributed to accumulated experiences.

  • Disjointed paragraphs. This is probably caused by the fact I am trying to make journaling a daily habit. The frequent venting has allowed my emotions even out and I don’t feel as frustrated about one particular subject. In an effort to fill up at least one page, I have started to jot down many thoughts instead of keeping with one theme for each entry.
  • Bigger, more complex words. This happens more when I am blogging because I have access to the wonderful dictionary.com and thesaurus.com. With these two sites, I can find words that more closely match the feeling or thought I am trying to express. When I write in a physical journal, I have to reuse words because I simply do not know a good synonym. Whenever this happens, I want to question my younger self about why I did not take my teachers’ advice to look up every new word in the dictionary during reading hour. Luckily, blogging gives me an opportunity to find new words, which I can later use when I am offline.
  • Alliterations. I am not sure how this occurred, but I noticed almost every entry contains an alliteration where two or more words start with the same letter. This could just be coincidence considering I like to search for patterns, thus am more likely to notice this. Another possible reason is that I do not have a large enough vocabulary to use unique words and do not have enough experience in writing sentences to properly portray a thought. The only other reason I can think of is I simply enjoy making alliterations (I intentionally incorporated them into this bullet item).

To the one who discovered this post, what writing style changes have you experienced over the years?


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