Aspie Quiz

I am not completely sure how I stumbled upon the Aspie Quiz, but I did and decided to go through it. The experience was a bit bizarre since I could easily tell which answer would result in a “neurotypical” or “neurodiverse” diagnosis. Therefore, I had to spend a few minutes on each question to make sure I was as honest as possible. To you who stumbled upon this, continue on if you are curious enough to see what I am classified as.
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Writing Style Changes

Everyone notices at some point how much their writing style has changed. For some, the change is gradual because of accumulated experience. For others, the change is abrupt because they want to emulate a particular tone. There are probably thousands of reasons why one person’s writing can change. Sadly, I do not have the clairvoyance to list every reason. I do have the records of my early journal entries. Here are some personal writing style changes that I have noticed: Continue reading Writing Style Changes