Nails and Typing

I respectfully applaud the ones who make the decision to have long decorative nails.

Whenever I am at with a cashier, bank teller, or any kind of service desk, I always glance at the person’s hands when they type. On more than one occasion, I have seen really long nails and it always amazes me.

Some people keep the normal posture of using the tips of their fingers, which really meant hitting the keys with their nails. When I was younger, I did not know there were such things as fake nails. Thus, I was often worried about how much it would hurt if they typed too hard and bent the nail. Now, I just wonder if they feel like they are typing in the air.

Other people have adjusted themselves to push the keys using the pads of their fingers. I thought it must be awkward to type while holding your hands so flat (I was taught to hold my hands up like a piano player). Most of the people that adopted this method were often very slow at typing anything.

Once in a while, through sheer laziness, I got sort-of long nails on my fingers. Each time this occurred, I would make a game of “How long can I go before I need to trim?” My snapping point, every time, would be when I am at the keyboard for more than 1.5 hours. If a nail didn’t get bent from using the tip, then my hands were sore from holding them out flat while typing at my average 80 words a minute.

To the one who discovered this post, are you able to type with long nails? If so, how do you do it?

Investing Experiment: 08/25/2016

It has been three months since I started my investing experiment on the Investopedia simulator.

This month’s total dividend payout was $31.42, making it the largest amount in these three months.

As of right now, my total account value is at $10,612.03.

Overall, the two strategies I am experimenting with are doing well.

Strategy 1: Total Gain $517.41

Stock # of Shares Purchase Price Current Price Total Gain/Loss
DIV: Global X SuperDividend US ETF 38 24.58 25.30 27.28
O: Realty Income Corp. 15 60.91 66.67 75.00
EPR: EPR Properties 13 69.95 78.64 112.97
LTC: LTC Properties Inc. 20 46.85 52.65 116.00
STAG: Stage Industrial Inc. 46 20.81 24.86 186.16

Strategy 2: Total Gain $291.21

Stock # of Shares Purchase Price Current Price Total Gain/Loss
MMM: 3M Co. 5 166.33 179.58 66.25
PG: Proctor & Gamble Co. 11 79.84 87.90 88.66
JNJ: Johnson & Johnson 8 113.40 118.57 41.40
SPG: Simon Property Group, Inc. 5 196.57 215.55 94.90

Around the first week of August, my account had almost reached $10,900. However, the market started to go down and now I’m back to crossing my fingers and waiting. I wonder when I will reach $11,000.

To whomever discovered this post, do you think this is good progress?

Click here to see an overview of my investing experiment.
Previous update: 08/06/2016

Q-Link Personal Review

I work with computers a lot and enjoy the stuff that I do. The problem is that my immunity and stamina are not what you would call optimal. High school athletes could probably beat me at any physical activity. There were times when I would feel slightly sick after sitting in front of a computer all day. One day, I came home from working in a computer lab and my mother was shocked when my face had a green shade to it. She immediately got me a Q-Link pendant to strengthen my body against all the radiation that I am exposed to.

Q-Link products act as a booster to a person’s biofield. They contain a certain frequency that resonates with the body’s electronic field. According to the brochure I got with the pendant, the Q-Link is meant to help the blood cells stay organized and regular shaped.

Ever since I started wearing my Q-Link, I have not had any comments about looking sickly after being surrounded by electronics. While this seemed like the Q-Link was working, I was a bit skeptical and thought it might just be a placebo effect.

There is this muscle test that people can use to figure out if their body is negatively affected by the item they are holding. When using the Q-Link, I get varied results. My family discovered that non-electronic items can affect our strength too. My brother wasn’t near any electronics, but his arm was pushed down every time. He decided he was tired so went to take a nap, but just as he took of his Pokemon pendant, he got the idea to try the test without it on. Lo and behold! His arm would not budge! We inspected his pendant and identified the chain as one of those really cheap/free ball chain necklace made of an unknown material, but was definitely not stainless steel. After replacing the chain with a leather cord, my brother was able to consistently resist our attempts to push his arm down regardless of whether or not he was wearing his pendant.

Nowadays, I am a bit more confident that the Q-Link does work as the company claims. The reason being that my family chiropractor started to tell me to take off my Q-Link before treatment. He uses a variation the of drop arm test to determine which areas of the body need treatment. He said that while he can still identify problems with my body, there is a chance the Q-Link might balancing out some of those issues and he will be unable to treat them.

Screen Protectors

I am writing this post on an old HP 7 Plus tablet that I unearthed a few days ago. This device fell into disuse because I had immense difficulty writing anything on it. Most of the time, it would not register my finger movements. When it did recognize a keystroke, the tablet would write a different letter or it swiped in the opposite direction. A tablet pen did not improve the experience either. Continue reading Screen Protectors

I am a Level 1 Journaler

When I was writing the post Journals: 1, 2, 3, 4, I was curious about how other people were using journals. There had to be other people who were unsure about whether or not to have a specific theme for each notebook. After I finished writing, I started to search through Google results and stumbled upon this blog entry at Just like everyone else, the author had her own system of using journals. After I read her post, I explored the website a bit more and found this post, 3 Levels of Journaling.

I find it amusing that the simple act of writing in a journal could have different levels. I have read various articles about how a daily journal can improve your life, so it was not too much a stretch that as you got better at writing your thoughts, your mindset will change. Regardless, my interest was piqued and I kept reading it.

After I finished, I thought about my infrequent diary entries and determined I was in the Foundation Journaling level. Of course, once in a while, I do things that are listed in the Advanced and Kaizen Journaling levels, but who doesn’t belong in multiple groups.

Hopefully, as I get back into the practice of daily writing, my outlook on life will change and I can start to confidently say I am a Level 2 Journaler.

To you, the reader, what level of journaling are you at?