Making Morning Tea

Alright! I finally made a good cup of matcha green tea! The 6 month search for my morning tea is complete. Continue reading Making Morning Tea


Q-Link Personal Review

I work with computers a lot and enjoy the stuff that I do. The problem is that my immunity and stamina are not what you would call optimal. High school athletes could probably beat me at any physical activity. There were times when I would feel slightly sick after sitting in front of a computer all day. One day, I came home from working in a computer lab and my mother was shocked when my face had a green shade to it. She immediately got me a Q-Link pendant to strengthen my body against all the radiation that I am exposed to.  Continue reading Q-Link Personal Review

Screen Protectors

I am writing this post on an old HP 7 Plus tablet that I unearthed a few days ago. This device fell into disuse because I had immense difficulty writing anything on it. Most of the time, it would not register my finger movements. When it did recognize a keystroke, the tablet would write a different letter or it swiped in the opposite direction. A tablet pen did not improve the experience either. Continue reading Screen Protectors

I am a Level 1 Journaler

When I was writing the post Journals: 1, 2, 3, 4, I was curious about how other people were using journals. There had to be other people who were unsure about whether or not to have a specific theme for each notebook. After I finished writing, I started to search through Google results and stumbled upon this blog entry at Just like everyone else, the author had her own system of using journals. After I read her post, I explored the website a bit more and found this post, 3 Levels of JournalingContinue reading I am a Level 1 Journaler