Nightcore Music

This past week has been filled with work, work, and more work. There was a lot of banging my mental mind against all the problems that keep appearing. To pass the time and keep my brain gears moving, I listened to a lot of nightcore songs.

I started with a nightcore of Something Just Like This and left the YouTube Autoplay on. To my delight, I got to listen to the remixes of many people and I discovered nightcore channels that produced some unique beats. Some people are so creative, it’s amazing!

Drawing: Stars and Moon Collide

The past few weeks have been quite a learning experience about how the mind can affect the body. My mood plummeted the furthest it has every gone. To whomever stumbles upon this post, before continuing on, please be warned that this post is a personal story about my depression and my efforts to bring myself out of the recent slump. Continue reading Drawing: Stars and Moon Collide

Drawing: Perfect Illusion

I heard Lady Gaga’s song, “Perfect Illusion,” on YouTube about a week after it was released. Her performance at The Moth was one of the recommended videos on my home page. When she was singing, I could not understand a single word – none whatsoever. I was unable to tell if it was because she was slurring her words or the recording device was bad. The audience seemed to enjoy it, so I figured it was the device. Curiosity piqued, I followed my usual routine of looking for a lyric video. Continue reading Drawing: Perfect Illusion

Mandala: Ray of Shine

I like to have fun seeing the numerous posts that people submit on Reddit. Last week, I was browsing through /r/psychic and found a post about a man who created mandalas for peoples’ souls. This particular post showed videos about the 2016 presidential candidates.

Just the day before, I was reading and watching all sorts of tutorials about how to draw mandalas. With just a pen and my own blank mind, I only drew small ones that consist of a lot of straight edges and dots. Rather basic and I did not have the mindset to attempt a larger one. After watching the videos in this reddit post, I wondered what I could draw if I listened to one song on repeat.

This time, I drew a mandala while listening to the song, Ray of Shine. This is sung by the characters Kuroko, Tetsuya and Aomine, Daiki from the anime, Kuroko no Basuke.