Journals: 1, 2, 3, 4

I am creating this post to mark the day that I am going to change my routine and write a journal entry every day. Not on this blog, but in my journal(s).

Well, actually more like a journal entry every other day … except for the weekends … okay, let’s be reasonable – at least once a week!

I am currently going through a period of thinking very negative thoughts. These sudden fluctuations of emotion happen rather infrequently and spontaneously. Sometimes, they last for barely an hour. Other times they become so intense that I cannot do anything, but sit down and write while crying.

About a year ago, I went through an extremely hateful period. I rushed to buy a journal and scribbled down every single thought that I had. It was rather sturdy and looked nice, so I started to carry it around with me. Since then, I found having it rather helpful whenever I needed to record a random observation or release some feelings before they build too much.

Of course, this most recent feeling of distress did not happen near my journal, so I shuffled through my desk to find any piece of paper. Lo and behold! I discovered a journal I had received years ago. It was barely used, but the younger me was also using it for emotional release.

So now, I have four journals.

#1 – The Dream Journal
The name is pretty self-explanatory. Depending on my morning schedule and whether or not I actually remember my dreams, I write my dreams in this one. The journal is a really old one that was given as a gift from my grandmother. As I got older, I felt the cover did not match my personality, so I drew random blocks of solid color on a sheet of paper and used it to make a book cover.

#2 – The Psychic Journal
I am not psychic, but love things that have to do with the spiritual realm. This journal contains my attempts to get answers using I Ching and cartomancy. I am usually content with my life and do not believe in getting answers for everything. I use the I Ching method to get advice for big decisions in life. The cartomancy one is used for a general outlook for each week. If I am lucky and have the time, I try to ask what to expect for the day and then I compare it with what actually happened before I go to sleep.

#3 – General Journal #1
This is the first journal with only 13 pages filled with words. There are 87 empty pages in it. My younger self was not too fond of it because of all the negative stuff that it held. I had placed one of those toy locks on it and then tied it shut with some string. My hands are itching to put something on those pages. A journal should not be so blank.

#4 – General Journal #2
This is the journal I have been toting around since last year. It’s gotten much more use than General Journal #1. There are some entries out of chronological order because I accidentally skipped a page. This journal has 55 pages left.

My goal is to fill up General Journals #1 and #2 as quickly as possible. Having two journals for the same reason is rather redundant. Let us see how long it takes for me to complete this task.

To you, the one who found this post, how do you frequently do you write in a journal?


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