New script

Recently, I stumbled upon a r/Handwriting, which is completely devoted to showing and improving an user’s handwriting. I spent a couple of hours reading various critiques and applying them to my words. 

For the past two years, I have written in a journal almost everyday. Whenever I lean back and look at the pages, I always think my handwriting is messy. The letters are too small, not consistent, the spacing keeps changing, etc. etc.

One of the top posts of all time was a sample of someone’s script. Most of the upper letters were beautiful, so I decided to try it out.

My first attempt wasn’t too bad, so I tried using it when copying the lyrics of The Chainsmokers & Coldplay’s song, Something Just Like This.

I stuck with writing the chorus over and over and here is the best I could produce.

The entire time, my mind and hand were butting heads. If I went slow, I could follow the sample script, but the curves were very jagged. To make a smoother curve, I had to write faster. However, at this speed, my hand reverted to my usual style and my mind couldn’t stop it in time.

Unless I am willing to spend at least a year practicing, I doubt I will ever be a person who can make mimic another’s handwriting or write in those calligraphy style scripts. Kudos to the ones who can!


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