Playing with Inkscape

Note to future self: Do not ever use a mousepad on a laptop for anything art related.  Continue reading Playing with Inkscape


Gloomy Doodles

I guess I was in a morose mood during class today. All the doodles I made had something to do with time. The tree and owl one were instances of time having ended for someone. The hourglass showed time slipping away.

On the bright side, the old tree drawing is the best one I have ever drawn!

Drawing on Graph Paper

I love looking at mandalas, but haven’t managed to create a good one myself. Recently, I found templates that help you divide your paper into symmetrical areas. Most of these templates you either print with faint colors so you can draw over them. Or you print them with bold lines and place your drawing sheet on top of the template.  Continue reading Drawing on Graph Paper

Another class doodle

Here’s another picture from doodling to stay awake in class.


Instead of stacking geometric shapes, I decided to try drawing what I see. The scale isn’t quite right, so I definitely need to work at that. Also, sorry Professor, didn’t mean to make you have a mullet. At least the frequent glancing between the front of the room and the paper made me appear to be attentive.