Second Journal Complete!

Hooray! From August 2004 to March 2017, I have been writing in this journal sporadically. I am so glad it is now filled from cover to cover! 


Since it took so long to complete, the glue holding the spine together deteriorated. I had to tie the whole thing together to make sure the loose pages won’t fall out. The journal was a gift and I do not remember who it was from. It makes me wonder if they ever wonder if I actually used it (did you get that sentence? :O). My friends and family know I am not fond of English class. Whenever someone needs to write a speech or essay, I am not the first person to go to. Little do they know, I enjoy writing privately – a lot. Class simply has too many requirements: font size, margin size, number of pages, specific topic, include an infographic, etc. How can I enjoy something that doesn’t give me some leeway to express ideas with a format I like?

As I did a final flip through the pages before shelving the journal away, I gave a small chuckle. Throughout the years, I tried  to hold myself to my personal rule that cursive must be used in a private journal. There were only a few entries that I wrote in print – mainly because I had to get the words out before I exploded.

Today, I am going to Barnes and Noble to find the next lucky journal that gets to be the carrier of my idiosyncratic thoughts.



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