Scars into Art

I don’t usually get emotional when I watch things, but this particular video really got to me. It was about a tattoo artist who will helps people cover scars. A woman who got scars from breast cancer and the self-image change she experienced after getting them covered.

I couldn’t go through too many of these videos, but the few that I saw did a great job showcasing the joy everyone felt when they saw the change. The before and after photos are really amazing. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to apply tattoos to raised scars and applaud the artists who tackle them.


Starting Reiki

Today marks my 3rd week of practicing reiki. I had taken a class to get the Level 1 and 2 attunements. Physically and mentally, I feel about the same as before I took the class.

Sometimes when I draw the symbols, my hands and arms get a bit warm, but that is the extent to the affects I feel.

The best part about reiki is that one of my cats likes to come over and meow at me. I am not sure what she is asking for, but it has happened at different places and times so it is not her just asking for dinner.

Unfortunately, with my schedule, I can only practice about once every other evening. My instructor assured me that as long I keep trying to practice, changes will occur to help me move forward.

Here’s to striving to growing and becoming a better version of myself each day.

Hey Me, Pay Attention!

My stomach cannot expand enough to allow me to eat a filling meal that will last until the next one. Thus, I snack a lot – especially between lunch and dinner. While this physical need gives me plenty of opportunities to try new treats. It also makes me aware that I need to pay attention to the details.  Continue reading Hey Me, Pay Attention!