Screen Protectors

I am writing this post on an old HP 7 Plus tablet that I unearthed a few days ago. This device fell into disuse because I had immense difficulty writing anything on it. Most of the time, it would not register my finger movements. When it did recognize a keystroke, the tablet would write a different letter or it swiped in the opposite direction. A tablet pen did not improve the experience either. Continue reading Screen Protectors


Pencil vs. Pen

Whenever I need to write something, I find it easier to put my words on paper first before typing on a computer. Somehow it is just easier for the words flow out in a way that makes sense. When I try to type from the beginning I tend to create separate paragraphs that are disjointed. The paragraphs don’t flow together very well and I spend countless hours trying to create a sentence that will perfectly segue into the next piece.  Continue reading Pencil vs. Pen

Emotions and Writing

Writing is something that does not come easily to me. Despite my inability to write best-selling novels, I still enjoy doing it whenever I can. It brings a great sense of achievement to pause and realize you have more than two pages filled with words. Almost everyday, I get an idea of a topic to write about, but do not have the time to sit and put the words on paper.  Continue reading Emotions and Writing