Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to everyone! No matter what, how, where, and with whom you celebrate, I hope every one of you will enjoy this holiday season and will remain safe.

I wish to put an emphasis on remaining safe not to put a damper on the joy we are having, but to allow the joy to keep spreading.

While shopping for gifts for friends and family, I was going up an escalator when it suddenly stopped. Everyone was startled, but luckily no one fell. Continuing on my quest for perfect gifts, I noticed workers had just finished fixing a different set of escalators. This made me realize that the holiday season, with all its sales and decorations, entices people to be outside more.

It is wonderful to see all the happy faces, but it also increases the chances of accidents happening. More than once, I saw near collisions between groups of shoppers. Fortunately, I did not witness any injuries and am glad none of them will have to stay in a hospital during all the celebrations.

Please be aware of your surroundings. I sincerely wish for everyone to remain safe so that we can spend time with friends and family.

Mandala: Ray of Shine

I like to have fun seeing the numerous posts that people submit on Reddit. Last week, I was browsing through /r/psychic and found a post about a man who created mandalas for peoples’ souls. This particular post showed videos about the 2016 presidential candidates.

Just the day before, I was reading and watching all sorts of tutorials about how to draw mandalas. With just a pen and my own blank mind, I only drew small ones that consist of a lot of straight edges and dots. Rather basic and I did not have the mindset to attempt a larger one. After watching the videos in this reddit post, I wondered what I could draw if I listened to one song on repeat.

This time, I drew a mandala while listening to the song, Ray of Shine. This is sung by the characters Kuroko, Tetsuya and Aomine, Daiki from the anime, Kuroko no Basuke.


3D Logic

I finally completed the 3D Logic game without any hints!


I discovered this game on http://mypuzzle.org/ about five years ago. For the next year, I would spend all of my free time trying to connect the colored squares and pass all the levels. Unfortunately, with my spatial reasoning abilities, I kept getting stuck at level 16. Every time, I would try and try and try until I had to look up how to solve it. Frustrated with myself, I eventually stopped playing because it was no longer fun.

Skip forward to today. I needed a break from work. Looking for something to kick-start my brain, I played random puzzle games before I remembered this frustrating logic game. Curious to see if my spatial reasoning had improved, I loaded it up.

Amazingly, I completed all the 30 levels in about 20 minutes. I momentarily stunned myself when I solved that tricky level 16 after two tries. After I finished that level, my focus increased ten fold in an effort to complete everything else.

Despite the feeling of slow accumulation of intelligence, I can at least say that my spatial reasoning has improved over the years.

With this accomplishment under my belt, I think I will try my hand at the 3D Logic 2 game next time.

Who knows, maybe these games will help me someday solve a Rubik’s cube…

Sleep: Desired vs. Actual vs. Recommended

There are numerous articles about how much sleep we should get, the right temperature, what is the optimal time to go to bed, and so on. Personally, I like the idea of segmented/bimodal sleep. This consists of two slumbers. One in the early evening and the other in the early morning. In between the two periods of rest, a person can do whatever they want. Continue reading Sleep: Desired vs. Actual vs. Recommended