Listening to Audio Books

I never thought I would like listening to an audio book. My fellow classmates and I have used them before in English class where we would sit around a boombox and hold the book that the narrator is reading from. I always felt frustrated with the process because I was forced to keep pace instead of reading at my usual, faster pace.

Fast forward to last week, where I am on a camping trip. Everyone in the group has their own eclectic taste in music. The debate of what to listen to is solved by letting the driver pick the genre. After all, they have an absolute need to be alert and playing someone else’s favorite classical channel is not going to help.

This solution has worked for when we travel between nearby cities, but is tough to use when we are going to a place in the middle of nowhere. Normally, we grab the smartphone with the most battery charge left, plug it into the car and listen to whatever music is stored on it. This time however, we decided to try listening to a Harry Potter audio book.

Everyone knew the story, but it was one of the few things that we had in common so we figured it would be a safe option. It has been years since I last picked up a Harry Potter book despite having the entire set sitting on shelf behind me right now. I was amazed at how many details I could remember. The narrator was very good at changing his voice to portray each character. Sometimes, we had to pause the audio to discuss a detail or how things could have played out differently. Before we knew it, four hours had passed and the campground was in sight.

I have heard of recommendations to use audio books while waiting in morning traffic, but I always felt that would put me to sleep since audio books were made for the boring stuff. My opinion has now been adjusted and I am considering this option if I can not find any good songs on the radio.


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