Drawing on Graph Paper

I love looking at mandalas, but haven’t managed to create a good one myself. Recently, I found templates that help you divide your paper into symmetrical areas. Most of these templates you either print with faint colors so you can draw over them. Or you print them with bold lines and place your drawing sheet on top of the template. 

This got me thinking about grid paper. It might not help create symmetrical arcs, but straight can definitely made consistent with it. Yesterday, I went to Walmart and grabbed the first graph paper notebook I could find.

GraphManadala1The center portion of this mandala is probably the best I have ever drawn. As I went outward, I started to run out of ideas for what kind of shapes should be used.

The spacing is much better than trying to do things freehand or with a ruler. Next time, I will try using a ruler because even with the grid guide, my hand still swerves a bit when I draw long lines. If I can find my compass, then maybe I will try using arcs on this graph paper.



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