El Nino’s effect on winter

This is an old post from my previous blog. It was originally posted on 10/15/2015. To you who discovered this post, I hope you enjoy my idiosyncratic thoughts from the past.

Edit 10/15/2016: The news article link that I had used is no longer available. But in summary, it was discussing the weather patterns that were being observed and summarizing results from various scientists and institutions.

Well, phooey! According to this article “NOAA: Thanks to El Nino, the US Looks Pretty Wet This Winter” by the Associated Press, there might not be as much snow as I was hoping for this year.

I love the snow. Its beautiful to see it untouched in the morning. Another reason is because I need it to go skiing. Last year, there was dismal amount that came really late in the season. I only had a chance to go twice and both times the open areas were crowded with people also trying to enjoy the snow before it melted away (in just 2 weeks!).

This fall, there has been a lot of rain so I was hoping the wind will continue to bring the storms as the climate got colder. My fingers are crossed that this prediction does not come true. Maybe I should search for some snow dances…

Edit 10/15/2016: My wish came true. I did get to enjoy a good amount of snow that winter. My family and I were actually lucky enough to be at the ski slope the day a large amount of snow fell down. In the morning, we were struggling to warm up on the icy slopes. By lunch time, snow was falling hard enough that we could not see too far ahead. After a good warm meal, we went outside and enjoyed skiing the rest of the day on fresh and fluffy snow.


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