Scars into Art

I don’t usually get emotional when I watch things, but this particular video really got to me. It was about a tattoo artist who will helps people cover scars. A woman who got scars from breast cancer and the self-image change she experienced after getting them covered.

I couldn’t go through too many of these videos, but the few that I saw did a great job showcasing the joy everyone felt when they saw the change. The before and after photos are really amazing. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to apply tattoos to raised scars and applaud the artists who tackle them.



Today I was browsing through reddit and stumbled upon the subreddit /r/spirograph/. The images people create are amazing!

One of the links brought me to a website that lets you build your own. I have no idea how long I was on this site, but it was fun.

Prosthetics and Skin Sensors

About a year ago, I read “‘Digital skin’ activates brain cells” by Jonathan Webb. This article is about a polymer that contains sensors. When the sensors detect pressure, they send electrical signals. The researchers connected these sensors to a sliver of rat brain and were able to observe a different rate of pulses when applying various pressures. The idea is to develop this technology enough that it can be added to prosthetic limbs. The material is already thin enough that it can bend easily to act as a skin covering.

As I read the article, my mind kept flashing back to the scene in Star Wars where Luke’s artificial hand is pricked and we can see a flinching reaction.

Today, I watched a CNN video, “Great Big Story: For Amputees, Reactivating the Sense of Touch” about adding similar sensors to prosthetic limbs. It is an amazing and uplifting video.

I’m glad people are working in these areas. Every step of progress means more help for people who lost a limb or are born without one. I wish everyone the best of luck in finding a solution.