Investing Experiment: 08/25/2016

It has been three months since I started my investing experiment on the Investopedia simulator.

This month’s total dividend payout was $31.42, making it the largest amount in these three months.

As of right now, my total account value is at $10,612.03.

Overall, the two strategies I am experimenting with are doing well.

Strategy 1: Total Gain $517.41

Stock # of Shares Purchase Price Current Price Total Gain/Loss
DIV: Global X SuperDividend US ETF 38 24.58 25.30 27.28
O: Realty Income Corp. 15 60.91 66.67 75.00
EPR: EPR Properties 13 69.95 78.64 112.97
LTC: LTC Properties Inc. 20 46.85 52.65 116.00
STAG: Stage Industrial Inc. 46 20.81 24.86 186.16

Strategy 2: Total Gain $291.21

Stock # of Shares Purchase Price Current Price Total Gain/Loss
MMM: 3M Co. 5 166.33 179.58 66.25
PG: Proctor & Gamble Co. 11 79.84 87.90 88.66
JNJ: Johnson & Johnson 8 113.40 118.57 41.40
SPG: Simon Property Group, Inc. 5 196.57 215.55 94.90

Around the first week of August, my account had almost reached $10,900. However, the market started to go down and now I’m back to crossing my fingers and waiting. I wonder when I will reach $11,000.

To whomever discovered this post, do you think this is good progress?

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Investing Experiment: 08/06/2016

My euphoria at seeing my portfolio value rise is finally gone. As of closing on 08/05/2016, I had $1,515.60 in cash and my stocks had a total sum of $9,146.77. Overall, my portfolio was $10,662.37.

There have been ups and downs ever since I started this experiment, however this is the first full week where my portfolio’s value went down every single day.

On the bright side! My overall gains since I started with $10,000 is 6.27%! Not bad for a little for 2 months. I’ll keep crossing my fingers that after a year, I will have a return rate higher than 5%. I may not have a career working in a brokerage firm, but I have known for a long time that I do not have the nerves of steel to go for the riskier, but more rewarding, investments. Any gains is a win in my book!

To you who discovered this post, would you be satisfied with portfolio return rate of 5%? Or would you want the benchmark 10% rate?

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Investing Experiment: 07/25/2016

I started this investing experiment on 5/18/2016, but I did not finish making portfolio adjustments until 5/25/2016. Therefore, I consider today to be the 2-month mark of my investing experiment. Let’s see how well I have been doing!

On 5/25/2016, I finished the day with $1,467.63 in cash. The sum of my stocks was $8,264.65. This meant that after starting with $10,000, I had a total account value of $9,732.28. At this point, I was very concerned that it would take a long time to get back to $10,000 even with half of my stock picks giving out monthly dividends.

As the month went on, my account started to pull in dividends – a few dollars one day, another dollar the following week. Those small gains did not help much with the fluctuating market and my total account value went down every time my stock picks went down.

By 6/25/2016, I was amazed. The total value of my portfolio was $10,217.31! My account had $1,490.10 in cash. This meant in one month, I had earned $22.47 in dividends. Not bad. That was almost the amount spent on the commission fee for one of my stock purchases. If I could keep this pace, in 8 more months, I will have recouped my losses from those expensive commissions. Of course, it would not be possible because 4 of the 9 stocks give out quarterly dividends and it just so happened that their payout date was in May/June, so I would not be seeing such a gain until the August/September months. The real reason behind the rise of my portfolio was the market. All of my stock picks were doing very well, reaching a total of $8,727.21.

The day before my 1-month mark, the result of the Brexit vote was revealed and the world learned that UK would be leaving the United Nations. I started to notice many UK-based stocks were dropping and many others were bouncing up and down with each piece of news. And here I was, sitting in front of my computer, just waiting for my portfolio value to plummet.

It is now 7/25/2016. I cannot believe my luck! I have $1,509.17 in cash and my stocks are at $9,287.21, which means the total portfolio value is $10,796.38. Wahoo! Choosing stocks that have performed well over the years or have been relatively stable has paid off. My rank in the “Start with $10,000” game will probably in the 140s. This is amazing considering just two months ago, my rank was in the 600-700s. Kudos to the top ten players who have managed to get 20k and above.

To whomever discovered this post, do you think this is good progress?

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Investing Experiment: 06/30/2016

My choices are doing very well lately. Ever since my ranking bounced up in the middle of June, it has been steadily climbing higher. When I learned that the UK had voted to leave the European Union, I was worried about how the market would be affected. However, since I have very basic knowledge about companies, there was little I could do besides reading random articles about what people predict will happen. I figured this was it, my stock picks are going to go down in value now.

In hindsight, I realize that I did not need to worry as much as I did because my portfolio focuses on companies in the United States. Therefore, they would not be affected as quickly as stocks overseas. Granted, I still need to worry because businesses and other investors are adjusting themselves as policies and relationships change between countries. I expect my portfolio’s value to fluctuate with each new piece of news. Until then, I will treasure the sight of having an account value of $10,423.45 and a rank of 181.

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Investing Experiment: 06/15/2016

I have been very lucky this week. My ranking has remained high thanks to the market going up lately, so my rank is now at 293. I am enjoying each day of this, but will feel better once the market goes down because I feel like I have not done much to actually increase the value of my portfolio.

On a more lighter note, I got another batch of dividend payments today: $12.47!! I am so close to earning back the money used on one of the commission fees. If the payouts are consistent with what happened this month, then it appears each month will pay off almost one commission fee. Therefore, it will take about 8-10 months before I get enough cash to recoup the losses caused by these commissions. It would seem that all the financial advice about how hidden fees will cost you are appropriate.

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Investing Experiment: 06/09/2016

Woohoo! Yesterday was a lucky day! The stock market is up, which bumped up my portfolio value. As of closing yesterday, my total account value was $10,051.75. This pushed my ranking up to 320! Obviously this rank is going to dive like a hawk aiming for prey once the market goes down again, but I’ll enjoy every good outcome that I can get.

Another highlight is that dividends are coming in. After purchasing all my stocks, I had $1,467.63 in cash. As of yesterday, I now have $1,477.63. Ten dollars! It will take a long while before I recoup my losses from commission fees alone, but it is still exciting for a beginner like me to see the portfolio value rise.

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