Forgetting my Computer Glasses

I forgot to bring my Gunnar computer glasses to work a few times this week. This episode of absent-mindedness gave me an opportunity to remember what it was like before having glasses and noticing some very subtle differences between wearing and not wearing them (besides the obvious experience of seeing everything with a yellow tint). 

My head felt lighter. Every so often, I would swing to face a different direction and had to pause because I moved faster than usual. The speed increase was barely perceptible. I’m sure if someone was to look at me, they would not see a difference in head movement whether or not I am wearing the glasses.

I could put my headphones on and not have to adjust the glasses so they don’t press uncomfortably against my head. Despite getting pressed so firmly against my head, my glasses would often shift when I jerked my head down. After they moved, I would have to awkwardly wiggle my headset to let me slip the glasses back into their proper position. I guess it ties into the lighter head point, but it was easier to move around while listening to music. Pretty sure at least two people walked past my cubicle and saw me lightly bopping my head to the beat.

It felt strange coming and going from my desk. Normally, I would take off my glasses if I leave the computer for more than a minute and put them back on once I get back. I could feel the minute tension of my muscles as they prepared to grab my glasses. As soon as I remembered that I don’t have them here, they instantly relaxed.

I started using these glasses about two years ago; not because I was having trouble seeing, but because my eyes were getting very tired after a whole day of staring at the screen. After search for all sorts of advice for eye strain, i.e. brightness settings, eye exercises, I found that most provided temporary relief. There was too much work to keep taking a break every twenty minutes and half of the software tools I use do not have a ‘dark’ theme.

Before this time period, I only had sunglasses for driving. I remember all the years of watching family members struggling to find the right eyeglass frame to suit their lifestyle and sense of style. As a lucky person with 20/20 vision, getting computer glasses was at the bottom of my list. Eventually though, it was the only option I hadn’t tried.

I started to research what kind of computer glasses were out there and was surprised by the variety. Unfortunately for my wallet, all the frames that appealed to me were a bit up there in cost. So, I played the waiting game and kept an eye out for sales. Once I finally got them and got over the initial embarrassment of explaining why I am wearing these funny yellow glasses, I am quite happy with being able to work at a computer and not get super tired eyes (as long as I remember to blink at a normal rate).

Now if I can just remember to grab them every time I get ready for work…..


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