Misheard Lyrics and Tattoos

Has anyone heard of the song “Closer” by Chainsmokers? Does anyone know about tattoos? Until today, all I knew was that the song was about two people being together and that tattoos are the inked designs people embed in their skin. 

Like most current songs, there are some lyrics in “Closer” that I could not determine what the words were. Eventually, here is what I thought the chorus was:

So baby hold me closer,
In the backseat of your Rover,
That I know you can’t afford,
Like that tattoo on your shoulder.

It took a while before I started to question how expensive could a tattoo be. I have not heard of people going into debt in order to get a permanent symbol on their body. I finally had to satisfy my curiosity and started to do some online research about tattoos. Turns out, a tattoo can cost between $50 – $150 per hour depending on the design, location, color, etc. As I read more about the process of getting and removing a tattoo, it was obvious that I misheard the lyrics to “Closer.”

Cue pulling up a YouTube video of the lyrics and …. oops! The last line is supposed to be:

Bite that tattoo on your shoulder.

Oh well. No harm done. At least now I have a funny story about how mishearing a song lead me to learn about how people get tattoos – even if I never get one. I am far too fickle with designs to be able to pick the one I want to see every day.

I will stick to drawing stuff on paper

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