Well this week has been amusing. I keep surprising myself by being more absent-minded than usual. 

Last week, I accidentally left my laptop charger at the school lab. Over the weekend, I didn’t use my laptop so I wasn’t aware that it was missing until Tuesday. Luckily, the battery was mostly full so I could go to class with no worries that it would shut down on me. I spent the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday shuffling through all the closets, shelves, drawers, and bags in my home and my parents’ home.


On Thursday, I suddenly remembered the last place I used the charger was at the school lab last Thursday. By this time, the laptop was out of juice and it stayed on for only half the lecture. My brother picked up the charger from the lost and found while I was in class so I was able to work with my classmates after the lecture ended.

The day went on, we submitted our project and went home. This morning, I wanted to use my laptop again and surprise, surprise~ the charger was not in my backpack. I left it at the lab again!

I am quite aware that I can be absent-minded and forget the most random things, but I rarely forget necessary electronics. I can only attribute this bout of inattentiveness as a result of going to sleep at 1am every night. Working full-time and going to school part-time is tough and I have been inundated with deadlines in both parts of my life.

Fortunately, the semester is almost over. Once the final exam is finished, I am going to sleep well! Lots of people recommend writing lists to help with forgetfulness, but I find that doesn’t work well because my idiosyncratic mind will simply miss something else in another area of life. The only thing that helps is building muscle memory in putting items in the exact same place everyday. Once I catch up on sleep, I am going to work on cleaning and reorganizing my stuff that was scattered thanks to the whirlwind called school.


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