A doodle of a "Perfect Illusion"

Drawing: Perfect Illusion

I heard Lady Gaga’s song, “Perfect Illusion,” on YouTube about a week after it was released. Her performance at The Moth was one of the recommended videos on my home page. When she was singing, I could not understand a single word – none whatsoever. I was unable to tell if it was because she was slurring her words or the recording device was bad. The audience seemed to enjoy it, so I figured it was the device. Curiosity piqued, I followed my usual routine of looking for a lyric video.

Wow! The lyrics had a lot of meaning to it. It really connected with the way I was feeling at the time. I could see myself singing this song if I ever break from all the “advice” given by the people around me. The music was simple and allowed people to focus on the words. Watching the lyric video made me realize that there was another layer of vocals which caused my confusion during the live performance video. The background of “Where are you I can’t see, but I feel you watching me…” was a bit too soft. Without the lyrics, the words sounded jumbled together and clashed whenever she belted out “It was a perfect illusion!” If that second layer was played a bit louder, then I probably wouldn’t have been so confused when I first heard the song.

Today, I watched the official music video. Despite loving her music, I usually avoid Lady Gaga’s music videos because they are not really my cup of tea. The reason for watching this video was because I saw some interesting scenes when people remixed her song. There was no extravagant makeup or costume. It matched the song’s raw emotion perfectly. Inspired, I grabbed a pen and drew this picture while listening to the Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion.



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