Wisdom Teeth Removal and Healing

Apologies for missing my weekly post last week. But! Now I have a nice story to tell about my efforts to heal myself using herbal treatments.

I had some wisdom teeth removed the previous Thursday. This led to a weekend of hunger, pain, nausea, and frustration.

My hunger stemmed from the fact that I was a on a near-liquid diet and my body is used to numerous small meals and snacks.

Pain was felt whenever I forgot to take some pain medication and my body started to recognize the nerve signals of “Broken jaw bone! Hole in the gums! Missing tooth!”

As for the nausea, the prescribed painkillers were a bit too much for tiny, little me. I was instructed to take a pain med every three hours, alternating the type I take, for the first few days. Luckily, my SO figured out which one was too strong. I cut those pills in half and continued with the recommended schedule.

I was feeling frustrated because I am almost always doing something and lying down feeling sick gave the impression that I was wasting time. When the medicine dosage was reduced, I felt much better. With my spirit lifted and no pain, I started to do regular things. This led to a desire to have more solid food to sustain my active lifestyle. With no pain and little blood seeping out, I felt like I could handle slightly more solid food. I regretted that decision after slowly nibbling on macaroni and cheese for Sunday’s dinner. The rest of the evening and all of Monday was spent agonizing over my life choices as my jaw felt like it was being cracked open again.

I explained my woes to my mother and she recommended the regimen she used for my father’s wisdom teeth removal: BF&C and ipsab.

BF&C stands for Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage. This is a formula created by Dr. Christopher, which includes a variety of herbs that help bone, muscle, skin, hair, teeth etc. It can be used both externally and internally. My family massages the cream on cuts and strained muscles. For major physical injuries, we make capsule pills with the formula . Usually, we start with 6-8 capsules a day and slowly reduce it until we feel fine.

Ipsab is a herbal gum treatment created by Edgar Cayce. My family has often used something like this to treat gum problems. If the bottle has a concentrated solution, we simply dab the mixture onto the problem area. If the solution is diluted, we swish it around like a mouthwash. After applying the treatment, we try not to eat or drink anything for at least half an hour to give it time to soak into the gum.

Not wanting to keep taking so many painkillers, I started to take BF&C with each meal and gently swished the ipsab after eating. Within two days, the stabbing pain had reduced down to an ache that became unbearable only at the end of the day. By the time I went back to the dentist for a checkup, I was only taking an Advil before bed.

The dentist was amazed by how much I had healed in just one week. I was able to open my mouth twice as wide as most people at this stage and the gums were clean and healing nicely. He commented that whatever I was doing, continue with it and there should be no problem.

As of now, one side is still slightly swollen, but the turmeric I add in my soup has been helping reduce the inflammation. Despite the increased healing rate, my gums are still very tender so I just gargle with salt water to avoid using a toothbrush.

Does anyone have other natural solutions to heal themselves?


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