Reiki Music and Pedialyte

Recently, I found an interesting combination that may have helped me get out of a cold more quickly.

I spent the whole day feeling very tired from a cold. When I am sick, I usually experience spikes of random emotions. This time around, I only had one emotional episode (which was caused when someone was trying to help me with my computer and kept clicking really hard on the mouse pad). Thinking about that day, I could only find two differences from the typical way I handle these situations.

The first is the type of music I was listening to. I recently discovered some YouTube channels that posted hours of music to help people sleep and heal by balancing their chakras. By playing these songs at night, I have found I can sleep deeper and wake up feeling more refreshed. Yesterday, I kept playing the videos of reiki music throughout the day. Growing up in a Buddhist family means that I have gone through various meditation sessions and tried to improve my well-being by cleaning my internal energy and absorbing the natural power around me. I believe the music was helping me do that, thus healing me. It may have just been a placebo effect from what I have been taught, but I am really sure this helped prevent some of my sickly mood swings.

The second, more ‘scientific’ method is Pedialyte. This is water containing electrolytes that is meant to help babies maintain a healthy level of minerals in their body since they cannot eat solid food yet. My non-existent appetite was making it difficult to eat good food, so my family had me drink cups of Pedialyte every few hours. I noticed that after each cup, I had a bit more energy and could stay awake for longer periods of time. I have a bit more confidence that this drink helped keep my emotions in check since the trace minerals probably kept my hormones more balanced.

Well, these are my thoughts on the efforts to get out of a cold quickly. While I shake off the grogginess created by the Nyquil, I ask those of you who have stumbled here, “Do these methods seem like a viable way to aid the sick? Or do you believe something else would be more effective?”


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