Aura Photos and Crystals

I truly believe that crystals can help heal the body and I may have found picture proof.

I started to more frequently visit Sedona, Arizona in the past two years. Along with the beautiful hikes and great food, I would also explore the many spiritual stores that are located in this town. Needless to say, the numerous aura photo signs convinced me into getting one.

It was fast and provided a fun analysis of my personality. Soon enough, I left Sedona with an aura photo after almost every trip. I have started to keep a folder documenting what has been going on in my life and how it could possibly be changing the size and intensity of my chakras.

So why did I mention crystals earlier? Well, let me jump back in time a little bit.

The first time I got an aura photo, the lady in charge let me sit and meditate with some stones. A little nervous, I did not catch the name, but it sounded like “Osiris.” A few minutes later, I got my aura photo and a 23 page report. The report indicated that overall, I had a white aura with violet and indigo surrounding me.

Fast forward through the next two years, each subsequent photograph had a unique mixture of white, violet, indigo, and green, but most stated I had an overall indigo aura. Except for the first photo, I never got a chance to meditate or hold a stone before the picture was taken. Since the first store had closed, I had assumed it might have been different software that resulted in the white aura conclusion. However, at my most recent trip, the saleslady gave me a stick of selenite to hold. I got to roll it between my hands for a minute before she instructed me to place it down and put my hand on the biosensor.

To my surprise, the computer showed my aura rapidly flickering between white, violet, and indigo. The only other time it had done that was during my first session.

This experience has provided more kindle to my interest in stones and crystals. Hopefully I can find one that will help in my journey to becoming more at peace with myself.

The malachite stone I hold while journaling.

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