Alternative Medicine: Ginseng

To the skeptics, please do not write it off as some sort of hippy, all in the mind stuff – it can help if you give it time. To the die-hard advocates, please pay attention to how your body responds to whatever you ingest – each person is unique and requires a unique solution. To the confused, I am talking about alternative medicine.

I’ve tried herbs, super foods, supplements, and all sorts of alternative medicines to maintain my health. Over the years, I have learned to listen to my body and recognize changes. Some effects appear days after I start the new regimen, others occur within the hour.

Ginseng is a root that can help stimulate the body. There are many sites you can look up to see all the potential benefits of including ginseng in your diet, like this one. For myself, I mainly pour the powder form of it into my tea whenever I need a stronger pick-me-up or really need to focus on something.


In my household, there are two types of ginseng: American and Korean. To my mild dismay, I learned why we had both after having some American ginseng. Within a few hours, I became unusually sluggish and my parents quickly took my blood pressure. Turns out it had gone down below the ideal range.

While I was unaware, my parents understood what had happened. My mother quickly made tea with Korean ginseng and had me drink it. Soon enough, my blood pressure went back up and I was fine. That was when my parents explained that both types help with concentration, but they have opposite effects in regards to blood pressure. My father uses American ginseng, which lowers his high blood pressure. My mother uses the Korean type ┬áto raise her low blood pressure. Guess who I take after…

NOTE: This is my personal story about using ginseng and should not be taken as medical advice. Research beforehand if you wish to try it. Everyone will react differently to herbal remedies. Talk to your family to see if there is a history about particular reactions and be patient if you do not see an immediate effect.


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