Mandala: Ray of Shine

I like to have fun seeing the numerous posts that people submit on Reddit. Last week, I was browsing through /r/psychic and found a post about a man who created mandalas for peoples’ souls. This particular post showed videos about the 2016 presidential candidates. 

Just the day before, I was reading and watching all sorts of tutorials about how to draw mandalas. With just a pen and my own blank mind, I only drew small ones that consist of a lot of straight edges and dots. Rather basic and I did not have the mindset to attempt a larger one. After watching the videos in this reddit post, I wondered what I could draw if I listened to one song on repeat.

This time, I drew a mandala while listening to the song, Ray of Shine. This is sung by the characters Kuroko, Tetsuya and Aomine, Daiki from the anime, Kuroko no Basuke.



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