3D Logic

I finally completed the 3D Logic game without any hints! 


I discovered this game on http://mypuzzle.org/ about five years ago. For the next year, I would spend all of my free time trying to connect the colored squares and pass all the levels. Unfortunately, with my spatial reasoning abilities, I kept getting stuck at level 16. Every time, I would try and try and try until I had to look up how to solve it. Frustrated with myself, I eventually stopped playing because it was no longer fun.

Skip forward to today. I needed a break from work. Looking for something to kick-start my brain, I played random puzzle games before I remembered this frustrating logic game. Curious to see if my spatial reasoning had improved, I loaded it up.

Amazingly, I completed all the 30 levels in about 20 minutes. I momentarily stunned myself when I solved that tricky level 16 after two tries. After I finished that level, my focus increased ten fold in an effort to complete everything else.

Despite the feeling of slow accumulation of intelligence, I can at least say that my spatial reasoning has improved over the years.

With this accomplishment under my belt, I think I will try my hand at the 3D Logic 2 game next time.

Who knows, maybe these games will help me someday solve a Rubik’s cube…


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