More Pictures!

Smile! 3, 2, 1, click!

I am thrilled about my new LG G5 phone – mainly the new camera. My life is going to be filled with more pictures.

Years ago, I took a small class on digital photography. Borrowing my parents camera, I took pictures of anything and everything. These photos were used in my assignments to teach me how to edit them using various filters and tools. Needless to say, I had fun and it planted the seed for my desire to have my own camera. Unfortunately, good cameras cost money, so I never got one.

Skip forward to the era of smartphones and phone cameras have improved to such an extent that they can rival basic stand-alone cameras. With each new model, I marveled at the better quality photos. However, I still held onto the dream of carrying a real camera everywhere.

Last weekend, I shattered the screen of my LG G2. When I was climbing down from the kitchen counter (short people problems), my phone slipped out of my back pocket and landed with that tell-tale sound of something breaking. Luckily, the protective screen kept the pieces together so there was no danger of embedding glass into my feet. Parts of the touchscreen still worked, but there was no way I could use the phone without complex maneuvers to rotate the app in a way that I could press the right buttons.

First photo!

My partner used this accident as an opportunity to convince me to acquire a really good phone instead of my usual “anything that can make phone calls and read emails.” That person was getting tired of my half-jokes about using a camera and their repetitive response of, “Why buy two separate devices and double the cost when you can buy one device for barely $50 more?”

Cue the endless comparison charts of all the latest phones available. After eliminating products one-by-one, I was done to the LG G5 and LG V10. At this point, I was still on the edge of spending so much money for a phone (I pay the full price instead of using payment plans). The dilemma disappeared as soon as the salesperson started to describe the camera features. The next half hour was spent trying to sync the new phone with my old one and its barely usable touchscreen.

I can zoom into these manzanita berries!

I am very grateful for the push to upgrade. Armed with two modes (normal and wide-angle) and a higher resolution, I have been taking so many photos that no doubt strangers are assuming I am one of those millennials who are constantly on SnapChat.

Jokes on them – I do not use SnapChat!


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