Nightly Chia Drink

Last month, I discovered my local market sells chia drinks. Curious, I bought one and started to drink it as soon as I got outside. Yummy! It was both refreshing and nostalgic. A few years back, my mother soaked the seeds in water and had me drink it every night in an effort to boost my energy. At that time, I had some really tough classes and was getting very little sleep. Looking around online, turns out chia drinks have been rising in popularity. This got me curious to find out why.

There a couple of interesting sites that list out 10 or 11 health benefits of regularly consuming these seeds. Aside from the energy boost that I knew about, chia seeds pack a good amount of nutrients. What really stood out was the fact that they contained iron because this is something that I definitely lack. I was not eating enough to provide an adequate supply (I am a vegetarian with a small stomach). Thanks to the creation of supplements, I would take an iron supplement whenever my nails and lips got too pale or I started to experience dizziness after abruptly standing.

I bought a bag of organic chia seeds because of my curiosity to see if re-introducing a nightly chia drink would help balance my diet. In the evening, right before I shower, I would dump 1 or 2 tablespoons into a cup of water and let the seeds soak. Once clean and dry, I would grab the cup and slowly enjoy the drink throughout the rest of the night.

After month of (almost) daily consumption, I can confidently say that it is helping my iron deficiency. It might not provide all of the iron since my lips are still paler than my brother’s, but my nails now maintain a healthy pink color and the dizzy spells occur less frequently.

An unexpected effect was hydration. Some health sites do mention that soaked chia seeds will hydrate the body. I am unsure if it was the chia seeds or the fact that I had a cup of water before bed, but nowadays I do not wake up and feel like a dust storm flew into my mouth and throat.

Unfortunately, the other benefits of fiber, anti-oxidants, and omega-3s are not easily measured by a non-medical person like me. I can only hope I am getting these nutrients and they will help keep me healthy to make it through the holiday season full of cheer and cold viruses.

To the one who discovered this post, do you enjoy a chia drink?


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