Tokyo Ghoul: Volume 1, Chapters 1-9

I finally got a chance to read the first volume of Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida. This volume contains Chapters 1 – 9.

Warning: This review may contain spoilers. If you have not read these chapters and do not mind getting previews, feel free to keep on reading my super informal review.

Wow! This is really interesting. I kept away from the Tokyo Ghoul series because I am not too fond of horror and usually ghouls appear in that genre. I had heard of people really liking it, so I decided to see what could be so interesting. What was the harm?

Surprisingly, I was not frightened of some of the scenes. This is probably because I got used to seeing a lot of blood and injuries in other manga. Since this is the first volume, there is little as to what will happen in the future. Right now, all I know is that this follows the generic plot of the main character entering a world that he always believed would just stay in the news. Depending on how things go, my interest may increase or decrease. It could go either way.

The drawings of the characters were of the typical style of a new series. The faces had funny shapes and did not get properly adjusted when the viewpoint angle changed. I don’t mean to put down the artist since I am well aware that new characters mean new faces. No one will be able to repeatedly draw the correct body when they start out. Ignoring that aspect, I focused more on the story and the characters’ personalities.

Thoughts on characters
Kaneki: The main character is pretty likable. He is average: non-athletic, bookish, and trying to get a date with a girl he likes. This is a nice change from recent popular manga where the main character has a super ability/knowledge that gives him an advantage over others. As a further contrast, Kaneki is not headstrong and outgoing. These traits belong to his best friend, Hide.

Hideyoshi (Hide): The complete opposite of Kaneki. I don’t blame Kaneki for being friends with him. The one really good quality I like about Hide is his perception. According to Kaneki, Hide is able to notice things very easily. I hope Hide uses this ability well, because if he doesn’t, I will drop him to the bottom of my least favorite character.

Rize: This pretty girl, who is also gentle, sweet, likes books, etc., is a ghoul and just wanted to hang out with Kaneki because he would make a good meal. And just before he is about to die, she dies! It’s so ironic, it’s hilarious! Well, this is probably not the last the audience sees of her, considering we see her talking inside Kaneki’s mind.

Touka: Basically a good girl with a slight attitude. Of course, that might just be she is irritated by Kaneki’s behavior. Not only is he weak-willed about trying to live, but he is also putting down her very existence. I believe their relationship will improve over time since Touka seems to be willing to help if Kaneki is in trouble.

Yoshimura: Not much of an opinion on this guy. He seems to know things, but won’t be saying anything until its either too late or the characters really need to know. I really hope the story will provide an explanation as to how he came to build a shop meant for ghouls.

Nishio: Bummer. Another person killed in the first volume. I was starting to like this guy’s aloof attitude when he wasn’t being a jerk.

Tokyo Ghoul seems to have an interesting premise. There exists beings that eat humans and the main character becomes one of these beings. Most likely, a good number of people will die in this manga series.

So far I am interested in reading the next volume. But until I can acquire the next book, I ask you, “Have you read this series? Do you like it?”


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