Let’s Enjoy the Holiday Season

Shopping at a store and what’s this? Halloween decorations! Costumes! All-you-can-eat fun-sized candy packages! Alright! …. Wait, isn’t this the first week of September?

Yes, I am one of those people who loves the holidays, but also gets irritated after seeing sales months before the event. However, I am not the kind of person who screams for the “good old days” where Christmas decorations don’t come out until after Thanksgiving.

Retailers are supposed to pull in as much revenue as they can. So if people purchase holiday items early, then obviously stores will stock up for the season. People on budgets also benefit from this early schedule because they can wait for the right sale for each item.

I can go on and on about the pros and cons about marketing and consumerism, but I won’t. Plenty of more knowledgeable people have already listed them out. No doubt, more articles will be published this year rehashing it all again.

Instead, I am making a conscious effort to not be irritable about early deals. I will smile and continue my day as I watch employees create holiday displays and people buy the latest toy/game/gadget/clothing/etc. for their friends and family.

Let there be Halloween costumes when students are just starting class. Let there be Christmas decorations right after Halloween. Let there be super pink valentines right after New Year. Let there be chocolate bunnies after Valentine’s Day. Wait, I’m missing something … October, December, January, February, March … ah November! Let there be a bigger selection of Thanksgiving decorations. (I’m joking about forgetting November – I really love Thanksgiving. I love decorating with fall colors.)

To those who bemoan holiday marketing, will you join me in an effort to just enjoy the holiday season?


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