Do you hear this?

Do you hear these things in recent music? 

I like to listen to radio music whenever I am in a car. Sometimes, I hear a song so many times that I can identify it within the first five notes. Today, a song started to play and I was ready to sing the words with the artist – only to get startled when a completely different voice came out of the speaker. At that moment, I realized that a number of songs begin with a tune that is similar to another song. I realize that there are only so many notes that can be played and musicians will eventually produce the same tune as someone else, whether intentional or not. But recently, it seems like a lot of songs have a piece that resembles another one. (No, I am not talking about The Millennial Whoop.)

Do you hear this?

On a more personal note, I find the style of popular music to be less appealing. This is not to discount the hard work of musicians because there are a lot of good songs being produced. It is just harder to understand because half the time I cannot figure out what they are saying. Despite the singer belting/screaming out the words, the instruments are just too loud. Other times, the singer slurs the words and I am unable to tell if that is intentional or just the way they talk normally. Considering the number of people making jokes about misheard lyrics and a whole site dedicated to listing them, I am confident that my hearing is not going bad.

Another point is that the key change is just jarring. I love a good key change that helps build the song to its climax. However, switching the tune between each verse and chorus feels forced. I hear too many songs that alternate between rap and singing or quiet and belting so suddenly that by the end, I feel like I was listening to two songs instead of one.

Do you hear this?


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