Making Morning Tea

Alright! I finally made a good cup of matcha green tea! The 6 month search for my morning tea is complete.

I have drunk all sorts of tea throughout my life, but green tea is the one type I always make sure to have in stock at home. For the past year, the Kirkland green tea was my go-to in the mornings. As I was nearing the last packet, I was about to purchase another box when the taste bizarrely changed. For some reason the tea became more metallic whenever I let the drink sit for too long. Dissatisfied with the flavor, I searched for alternatives.

I browsed various websites for recommendations and tried many samples, but none of them appealed to me. One day, at a sushi restaurant, I saw matcha tea listed in the menu and decided to try a cup. Wow! It was delicious!

The following week, I grabbed a tin of matcha powder from Teavanna and dumped a teaspoon of it into a cup of heated water. I mixed the drink for a solid 3 minutes, but could not mash all of the little clumps that had formed. Figuring I had done enough, I drank the tea and felt like choking. The clumps that I had missed immediately stuck to my throat and the tea felt grainy. Clearly I need to sift the powder or get a tea whisk that I saw on display.

I went online to see how other people made matcha tea. After trail and error, I finally got it. First step was to use a fine strainer to get the clumps out. I left the powder at the bottom of the cup and poured in about an ounce of hot water. Next, I vigorously stirred everything with a spoon. Once the water and powder was evenly mixed together, I slowly added more hot water until the cup was full. The resulting drink does not have the foam that comes from using a whisk, but I find the taste works just fine for me.

In the future, I may purchase a tea whisk to see if things get mixed easier. I may also try to make a matcha latte since many people seem to enjoy making it for their morning pick-me-up.

To the one who discovered this post, what drink do you enjoy having in the morning?


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