Another Step to Reversing Paralysis

I love reading articles about new techniques created to help paralyzed patients regain mobility. The technique I discovered today was the use of virtual reality in conjunction with robotic walkers.

The CNN article gave a good summary about the technology used in each stage of training. If you are interested in learning about it, please go to the above link because the author did a wonderful job explaining the process in general terms.

NBC News provided a video showing a woman hiking a trail after being paralyzed for 13 years. If the video had not zoomed in on pieces of her harness, I would have thought she was a regular hiker.

Initially, my computer would not load the video shown on NBC News, so I decided to search for another link. Instead, I found a different video on Engadget, which recorded a training session of a patient walking with a mind-controlled robotic walker. The patient had an intense look of focus as he slowly moved one leg forward, placed it down, and repeated on the other leg. At the end of the line, his face broke into a large grin that I couldn’t help but mimic.

I really love seeing news like this because each new advancement is another step to bringing the joy of movement back into the lives of people who have lost it.


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