Pencil vs. Pen

Whenever I need to write something, I find it easier to put my words on paper first before typing on a computer. Somehow it is just easier for the words flow out in a way that makes sense. When I try to type from the beginning I tend to create separate paragraphs that are disjointed. The paragraphs don’t flow together very well and I spend countless hours trying to create a sentence that will perfectly segue into the next piece. 

I have to tried different approaches to writing, such as being in a certain mindset, different environment, write at a specific time of day. Over time, I found various advantages and disadvantages to writing with a pencil and pen. I find a similar pausing problem when I write with a pencil. The ability to erase my words means I am more likely to pause in my thoughts and try to fix that one word that doesn’t quite match the meaning I am trying to convey. I noticed that I tend to pause less when I write with a pen. If there is a problem with the wording, I leave a little comment on the side to remind myself to review it later. I could go on and on about the different experiences I have with writing, but it would most likely end up like numerous other blog posts and articles about what is the best way to write and why. So personally, here is a list of the major pros and cons I have discovered through my attempts to write about anything.

Using a pencil:

  1. Pro: A full page of words. Nothing is crossed out.
  2. Pro: All the sentences are in the correct order. I do not need to rearrange them.
  3. Con: Lots of eraser markings that I am never able to remove
  4. Con: Illegible due to
    1. Smears caused by the eraser
    2. Writing too lightly
    3. Writing with so much pressure that the angles are so sharp that I can’t see if the letter is a ‘h’ or a ‘L’
  5. Con: The side of my hand as pencil smudges

Using a pen:

  1. Pro: No eraser smears
  2. Pro: Words can be read easily because the lines are crisp
  3. Con: Illegible due to
    1. Lots of crossed out words
    2. Lots of arrows pointing to which sentences need to be rearranged
  4. Pro: No smudge on the side of my hand
  5. Pro: The page looks nicer when viewing from a distance.

To you, who discovered this piece, do you have similar experiences when writing?


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