A new excuse to read

I just finished reading the article, Book up for a longer life, and I now have a new excuse to keep reading books.

The study observed a correlation between reading books and living longer lives. The researchers discovered that reading periodicals, such as magazines, do not increase a person’s lifespan.

When they made that distinction and mentioned other points of interest, my mind automatically started to list out multiple questions:

  • Do we live longer if we read fiction or nonfiction?
    • Fiction exercises our brains as we to figure out the characters’ motives and actions.
    • Nonfiction will increase our knowledge and can help us learn to live better.
  • Do we live longer if we read while multi-tasking?
    • Lots of people read while running on a treadmill or doing household chores.
  • What about a book containing short stories?
  • If we listen to an audio book, do we get the same benefit?
  • Does a manga volume count as a book or a periodical?

Fortunately, the article continued its review mentioning the authors’ future work in answering all the questions that I had (except for the manga one).

While it is good that they will continue to figure out how humans can live longer, I wonder what will happen to science journals and newspapers if the research proves to be true. Will people stop reading them? Will academics start writing stories that incorporate their research and publish them as books?

I wonder if that will make it easier to learn new things. I’ve read multiple history textbooks for school and often I fall asleep due to the overall dry tone. On the other hand, I simply cannot put down fiction books with historical influences. With these novels, I end up reading more to see exactly how much the story matches the actual history. Later on, I find myself remembering more historical facts that I learned through the fiction route than the textbook route.

To you who discovered this post, do you think reading helps people live longer? Would you like to see information given in the form of a story?


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