Investing Experiment: 08/06/2016

My euphoria at seeing my portfolio value rise is finally gone. As of closing on 08/05/2016, I had $1,515.60 in cash and my stocks had a total sum of $9,146.77. Overall, my portfolio was $10,662.37. 

There have been ups and downs ever since I started this experiment, however this is the first full week where my portfolio’s value went down every single day.

On the bright side! My overall gains since I started with $10,000 is 6.27%! Not bad for a little for 2 months. I’ll keep crossing my fingers that after a year, I will have a return rate higher than 5%. I may not have a career working in a brokerage firm, but I have known for a long time that I do not have the nerves of steel to go for the riskier, but more rewarding, investments. Any gains is a win in my book!

To you who discovered this post, would you be satisfied with portfolio return rate of 5%? Or would you want the benchmark 10% rate?

Click here to see an overview of my investing experiment.
Previous update: 07/25/2016
Next update: 08/25/2016


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