Investing Experiment: 06/09/2016

Woohoo! Yesterday was a lucky day! The stock market is up, which bumped up my portfolio value. As of closing yesterday, my total account value was $10,051.75. This pushed my ranking up to 320! Obviously this rank is going to dive like a hawk aiming for prey once the market goes down again, but I’ll enjoy every good outcome that I can get. 

Another highlight is that dividends are coming in. After purchasing all my stocks, I had $1,467.63 in cash. As of yesterday, I now have $1,477.63. Ten dollars! It will take a long while before I recoup my losses from commission fees alone, but it is still exciting for a beginner like me to see the portfolio value rise.

Click here to see an overview of my investing experiment.
Previous update: 05/24/2016
Next update: 06/15/2016


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