Investing Experiment: 05/24/2016

I just remembered there was another stock I wanted to try out, Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG). I live near a mall owned by this group and there are always a good number of people there whenever I stop by. During the last year’s Christmas shopping, I had to go to multiple places to get gifts for everyone. Each shopping district was packed. Granted this was Christmas season, so obviously there would be many shoppers. However, I happened to visit a few of them again and still saw numerous shoppers. This captured my interest, so I did a little online review and discovered that some of the malls belonged to the Simon Property Group. Seeing how well their stock had performed, I decided to add this stock to my possible investment list. 

Since I still had some left over cash in the Investopedia Stock Simulator, I thought, “Why not?” and decided to purchase a few shares.

Stock # of Shares Purchase Price
SPG: Simon Property Group Inc. 5 196.57

So now I have $1,467.63 left in cash on this simulator. Since I follow the “Buy and Hold” strategy, it will take a while for the dividends to bring back what I lost in commission fees alone. I also discovered that this simulator does not have an automatic dividend reinvestment option.

I find the DRIP option very useful in slowly growing my portfolio since I can get partial shares without incurring more fees. Considering that Investopedia has a quick post about DRIP, I had hoped they would include it in their simulator. Oh well. That just means I will have to wait longer before buying more stocks or I adjust my strategy to do more trades to offset all the commission charges.

Click here to see an overview of my investing experiment.
Previous update: 05/18/2016
Next update: 06/09/2016


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